A Collaborative Platform for Filmmaking and Content Creation

The move towards remote learning and production is accelerating and the Semkhor Content Academy is focused on providing the training, network, and infrastructure to support the creative process in this rapidly changing environment. Filmmaking and content creation are based on an apprenticeship and is as varied as the individual artist. The Semkhor Content Academy recognizes this and provides direct interaction with a wide range of talented filmmakers and industry experts and the ability to study based on your schedule.

The Content Academy is not just a platform for learning and discussion, it is focused on connecting participants with real world projects and its lectures and courses are based on what is required to work on professional productions. This ensures that the community is learning skills that are cutting edge and marketable. Members of the Content Academy will have the opportunity to learn from and participate in these projects and a wide range of internships.


recognized successful filmmakers
providing unique, actionable knowledge
seminars and
certification based
training and curriculum from
active productions
access and integration into
professional networks
inexpensive and dedicated to helping
our members succeed
ongoing professional
enrichment & tutoring


We view this platform as an evolution of the traditional film school and understand that there is a wide range of knowledge available online and that the methods of production are changing rapidly driven by improvements in visual effects and online infrastructure. We are working a network of recognized artists and on varied productions.

The Content Academy is founded on the concept that the best and most efficient way to learn content is to engage directly with those who are successfully working in the entertainment and media industry. Our focus is on providing our members with the support and information they need to realize their creative vision.


We Provide

Live Lectures
Recorded lessons
1 to 1 and small group interactions

We believe that education should be self directed and that it is critical to have access to support and experience when needed. Most traditional film school are linear. The Content Academy understands that creatives must follow their inspiration and the methods of production and distribution are constantly changing. Through our focus on the apprenticeship and mentorship we ensure that participants have the best support possible for their projects.


Content creation is an apprenticeship based art and our focus is on this type of training. To support our streaming seminars, we also provide access to direct communication and problem solving with our mentors. We can develop a customized program so your productions and learning process can have access to the very best advice and support.

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