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The film industry is now the content industry and encompasses branded entertainment, VR, apps and augmented reality. A deep understanding of visual effects is now central to making films and other media. The Content Academy insures that this skill, and its centrality to set design, lighting, acting, and storytelling is understood.

We are part of SEMKHOR and have ongoing productions in development that will allow participation in production from idea to POST. SEMKHOR's focus is on integrating aspiring content creators into commercial productions to insure that the training is based on how commercial content is really created.

By working with the Content Academy, you will also become part of its professional network that will help position you to work on real world projects.

Our work:
KIllroy, Real Stephen Blatt, Free Ride, My All American, Life After Beth, Sweet Jane, AFSL

Andy Armstrong


Real world training with industry experts and recognized filmmakers

The Content Academy provides comprehensive training in modern workflows based on remote collaboration. The Content Academy is a collaborative paradigm that is efficient, cost effective, and creative. There is no need to spend years studying, or incur debt due to over-priced tuitions. With The Content Academy you will not be wasting any time or money. Our goal is get you access to real productions; insure you get your questions answered; and have the support you need both to find work and create your own original work.

There is no theory in the Content Academy

The current situation is driving rapid changes in content production and distribution. The entertainment and media industries will never be the same. Any program that is not providing comprehensive training in remote collaboration and visual effects is not preparing you for the modern media landscape.

learn directly from industry professionals
and recognized filmmakers
develop a professional network to find
work and develop your own content
study through master classes, recorded
courses, and direct tutoring
develop a study plan based on your

Content creation is an apprenticeship based art and our focus is on this type of training. To support our streaming seminars, we also provide access to direct communication and problem solving with our mentors.

We can develop a customized program so your productions and learning process can have access to the very best advice and support.